We grow the best native products of Peru.

Our Company

We are an agro-industrial company dedicated to the export of frozen fruits and vegetables with the highest quality standards.

We began operations in 2005 acquiring 2 farms in the Santa Rosa irrigation with a total of 50 hectares, with the aim of dedicating ourselves to the sowing of lucuma with technical irrigation and high quality standards.

10 years ago we started our exports and grew by renting different plants in Lima. This 2020, with the experience we’ve achieved, we designed and built our own plant.

Our Plant

In 2020, with the experience of having manufactured for 10 years renting different plants, we designed and built our own plant, which is located in the Macropolis industrial park.

We worked on the design with our production team and we were advised by certifying companies. We developede the project with recognized refrigeration specialists, choosing powerful equipment that guarantees an efficient freezing and cold storage process.

Our facilities have a daily production capacity of 40 tons of finished product. We currently have a storage capacity of 1,200 tons and we plan to increase 3,000 additional positions in the near future.

We work with private brands maquila and storage service for our strategic allies in Peru.

Our Farm

We started in 2005 with the purchase of two farms located in Santa Rosa irrigation, kilometer 30 of the Carretera Panamericana Norte with a total of 50 hectares.

We chose the location prioritizing the climate and water availability. We strive to identify a source of seeds with the best pattern, lucuma from Palo de Huanta, Ayacucho, guaranteeing the strength of the trees.

Advised by the National Institute for Agrarian Research (INIA), we chose the best quality trees, acquiring the feathers to carry out the grafts of the most valued species, Beltran and Seda.

We sectorized the farms to apply independent management according to the need of each one.

We certify composes with Global GAP and LEAF.

We carry out rigorous controls, which allow us full traceability from the field to delivery to the final consumer.

We are the first lucuma producer in Peru and we lead Lucuma exports.


At Mariposa Andina we care about obtaining the best raw material, which we process under certified international standards. Our competent and committed staff allows us to provide and guarantee high quality products, within the agreed deadlines, for the most demanding markets in the world. We adapt our offer to the needs of our clients, we build long-term business relationships of shared value.

Leaders in Export

We are leaders in the export of cherimoya and lucuma with approximately 72% of Peruvian pulp exports.

High Quality Products

Located south of Lima at Kilometer 18.5 of the Panamericana Sur highway, our modern infrastructure and ample cold storage capacity allows us to offer you world-class products.

Selected Fruits

We care about collecting and selecting native fruits from the best producers and farms in Peru.


From the valleys of all Peru, supplied with the best raw material from small and large farmers, we travel the country in search of the best products, we develop new paths and we follow them in the professional evolution of their fields.


Rigorous control systems allow us to ensure the quality of our products, backed by the most prestigious international certifications.

Monitored Processes

Our processes include traceability as an essential part of all production activities. We monitor and batch our products from their first entry to the plant until delivery to the customer.

Cold Chain

We are concerned about permanently carrying out the greater control of the entire cold chain, guaranteeing it from receipt of raw material to the destination port.

Our Quality

Our management is committed to the quality and safety of the processes involved, within all levels of the organization.

We ensure the safety of our foods.
Comply with all legal, regulatory or other requirements agreed with customers to ensure food safety.

We communicate the safety of our foods 
Properly manage internal and external communication of the company on issues that concern food safety.

We continually improve. 
Continuously improve the management of our quality and safety system, supporting us in the fulfillment of food safety objectives, measurable and quantifiable

We are oriented to always satisfy our clients.
Comply with the expectations and requirements of our clients, always guiding us to their satisfaction.

We meet our quality goals.
Have the necessary resources to meet the quality and food safety objectives.


At Mariposa Andina we are HACCP CERTIFIED which identifies potential hazards in food production and their solution.